AMERICAN CLASSIC Carbonator 29 Tubeless Wheelset

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AMERICAN CLASSIC Carbonator 29 Tubeless

The American Classic Carbonator Tubeless wheels are the all carbon workhorse race version of our tubeless wheels. Bill Shook applied his signature tubeless design to our tougher, stiffer, roll over everything Carbonators. The rims are super wide at 33mm wide x 24mm deep with an astounding internal width of 26mm to stiffen the tire and wheel-ground response. Carbonators withstand the tortures of high speeds, re-accelerating, drops and descents without compromising nimble handling. Light enough for accelerating, quick handling and firm control.

There is a lot of technology in these wheels that translates into speed, stiffness and responsiveness for racing. Carbon fiber is composed of extremely thin, bonded fiber made of carbon atoms. Thousands of carbon fibers are bundled together into cloth-like sheets. The sheets are combined with plastic resin. The sheets are placed into a mold with the fibers oriented in specific directions to create the desired characteristics of strength, stiffness or flexibility for the completed rim. Carbon fiber is used in wheels because of the high strength-to-weight ratio, low weight and the ability to mold the sheets into specific shapes. The rim combination of the wide profile with stiff carbon shape supports the tire better for more ground control. Our stiff front axle systems resist fork flex. Bead barb technology hooks on the tire bead to help keep the tire in place without burping. We did not skimp on the spokes either with 32 spokes front and rear all hand finished by our wheel builders. Many choices of disc hubs to dial in your equipment needs. Experience controlled, confident racing for riders obsessed with pushing the limits at speed.


Everybody is talking about wider rims for both road and mountain bike. What does it really mean for you, the rider? There are a few wide rim profiles on the market but they are either heavy, or too light and flexy. Bill Shook used his mathematical abilities to design our revolutionary wide rims, attaining the goal of being light, stiff, strong, aerodynamic and wide, all in one rim. To start, wide rims mean riding lighter, smaller performance tires with cushiony, high air volume and firm surface grip. Larger width tires offer more air volume but they are heavy with a sluggish ride quality. The desired combined wheel and tire qualities are achieved by stretching out the smaller tire casing on a wide rim and effectively making the tire bigger. Also, smaller tires on wide rims reduce tire roll on the rims. With a narrow rim and a wide tire, the rim floats from side to side on the tire. Using a wider rim with a smaller tire minimizes float for improved handling, confidence and control. The rim is lower weight at the extreme outer edge of the wheel decreasing rolling resistance and boosting speed. Our wider, lighter rims translate into crisp accelerations, firm ground control, faster rolling on the flats and decisive handling for the extra edge needed by competitive athletes.



Our mountain bikers have been successfully riding and racing AC tubeless wheels for the last few years. Bill Shook is taking tubeless rim technology to the next level. Our tubeless wheels are set up with two AC honey colored tape layers to cover the spoke holes. Next, install tubeless ready clincher tires and pump liquid sealant into the system through our proven AC valves. The liquid sealant replaces the conventional tube. You may ask how our tubeless system works. Bill Shook designed the rim with a bead barb running along the edge of the bead shelf. When installed, the tire firmly pops into position over the bead barb. The tire bead centers and tightly grips the circumference of the rim creating a sealed environment to hold the liquid sealant without burping. The number one reason to run tubeless wheels is to avoid flat tires. The sealant quickly fills and closes small holes in the tire preventing flats caused by rocks, thorns and other trail debris. Pinch flats cannot occur because a tube is not needed. Our tubeless system is about speed. It lowers wheel weight at the extreme outer edge of the rim resulting in lower rolling resistance. In a traditional clincher set up, the tire and tube interface moves as the wheel rolls, creating friction and energy loss. With the AC tubeless set up, there is no frictional energy loss between the tire and tube because the tube is gone. Liquid sealant is lighter than a tube. You can ride lighter weight tires with our tubeless system because you don't have to use tires made with heavy, inflexible puncture layers. Overall, our tubeless system is lighter, and the wheel will spin up faster with less rider energy output. And the best part is flat tires are past history.


  • DISCIPLINE: MTB Cross Country / Enduro
  • RIMS: Carbonator Tubeless All Carbon Disc Rims 27.5 / 29"
  • SPOKES: AC 14/15 Gauge Spokes Black / AC Aluminum Nipples Silver 32h 3-Cross Front and Rear
  • WEIGHT: 29 : FRONT 784gr | REAR 892gr | PAIR 1676gr
  • HUBS/SPACING: Front Disc 130 100 mm / 15 mm / Thru Axle Disc 100 mm / 9 mm Thru Axle Disc 100 mm, Rear Disc 225 135 mm / 10 mm x 135 mm Thru Axle Disc / 142 mm Thru Axle Disc / Shimano/SRAM 9/10/11 or SRAM XX1
  • INCLUDED: AC MTB Tubeless Tape Installed / AC Tubeless Valves
  • QUICK RELEASE: Cromoly QR's
  • UPGRADES: Titanium QR's / Wheel Bag / Thru Axle QR's. Can be ridden with regular tire and tube
  • BRAKE INTERFACE: 6 Bolt International Standard

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