Drivetrain Components

The drivetrain is a crucial part of any bicycle, be it a road bike, Enduro bike, MTB or a cruiser. At Bike Addict, we don’t just have a wide range of bicycles for sale for men, women and children of every skill level and preference, we also stock all the drivetrain components you need to keep your bike in perfect shape. We’re all about ensuring you enjoy the best ride, and we know that the drivetrain affects your performance greatly.

The drivetrain takes a lot of wear and tear, especially if you ride muddy or dusty mountain bike trails on a regular basis. Every time you change gears the chainrings, chain, cogs and derailleur wheels pull and rub against each other, and this causes wear and tear. Chains are usually the first to go, but grit, sand and general use can also damage the rest of the drivetrain components too.

Often, you may need to replace a part, rather than the entire train. That’s why we sell all our drivetrain components separately, and if you’d like assistance with fitting them, our maintenance team can assist. We have everything you need for preventative maintenance, a full overhaul, or anyone simply looking for a smoother, safer ride.

Our range of drivetrain components includes gears, chain rings or chain wheels, pedals, cranks, chains and cogs for sale, and we stock a wide range of makes and models of each. We also sell kits that have full drivetrain systems, and our prices are incredibly competitive. Just some of the branded parts you’ll find at Bike Addict include Cannondale, Shimano, Praxis and RaceFace, and we cater for a variety of size bikes and gear speeds too.

You don’t need to buy a new bicycle when the drivetrain is giving issues or no longer performing. You can purchase the parts you need from us, or you can chat to our experts about what will work best for your riding style and your bike.



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