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Soon to hit the Bike Addict shelves will be a range of Ciovita cycling apparel.

Ciovita has a great variety of kit from the top end racer to the weekend warrior and it will soon be available at Bike Addict for you to purchase. The proudly South African company has already showcased really good quality kit on the cycling scene and will definitely set a benchmark in the standard of kit being manufactured locally.

Contact us in store if you want to pre-order your set of Ciovita kit.

Mens and woman ranges will be available.




Italian passion with an inherent nature to explore, dream and discover. This is the driving force behind our brand.
Be #inspired to ride.
From the Latin and Italian  CIO & VITA; it means “life in motion”.

If you’re like us, that’s just how you live your life - in motion.
On the go. You take action. You make things happen. You’re obsessed with cycling.
That’s okay. We get it. We’re obsessed too ...
You’re among friends.

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